Thickness Gauge

The TG system provides a generic one-stop solution for the measurement of glass thickness with the following features:


  • Horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Hot or cold end location
  • Continuous scan or fixed position modes
  • Glass edge position reporting
  • Stress measurement module integration


Principle of Operation

  • Confocal sensor with controller
  • Wide range of thicknesses
  • User configurable sweep/spot reading options
  • SQL database support


Measurement & Display Options

  • Cross-web thickness profile
  • Longitudinal thickness profile
  • 2D thickness zone map
  • Edge position trends
  • Temperature profiles
  • Optional stress module



  • Repeatable & robust measurements
    -24/7 operation
    -More effective use of manpower
  • Feedback to production & maintenance teams
    -Optimise product thickness
    -Detect thickness variations
    -Detect ribbon shifts
  • Prevent
    -Waste incurred in making glass too thick
    -Issues related to ribbon position